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Welcome to Culinary Blossom!

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved her garden. And in this garden grew every kind of edible flower and herb you could imagine. This is where our garden story began and continues to this day…

Joanne, founder of Culinary Blossom, can’t remember a day without being in the garden. From her grandma’s farm to her mom’s beautiful flower garden, to her own love of flowers and fresh local food, the garden is her soul’s calling. Whether in the ground or on a windowsill, edible flowers and herbs have always been a part of her kitchen garden. She believes delicious foods and healing powers live there. After all, is there anything finer than than sitting in a flower garden sipping a cup of your favorite tea?

Her passion and love for the garden, became the inspiration for the Culinary Blossom philosophy – if it’s garden fresh, healthy and delicious, it’s in the cup or on the plate. Our mission is to bring this natural goodness to you in its purest form. We believe it’s the way nature intended!

Our garden-inspired artisanal teas and seasonal foods are lovingly created with fresh ingredients, using only organically grown and certified organic edible flowers, herbs, fruits and berries. No preservatives or additives of any kind are used, only pure natural ingredients that are purely good for you. Presenting our handcrafted teas whole and loose-leaf style creates an aromatic, flavorful tea, which we believe has superior flavour. Loose-leaf teas can fully release their goodness while gently steeping in pure fresh water, they require less resources to produce, and are recycled back into the earth.

Joanne’s philosophy and garden-inspired life are also the loves behind her Garden to Cup and Garden to Plate creations, a collection of seasonal foods and recipes that bring the garden’s bounty into your kitchen. We hope they inspire you to create delightful teas and delicious foods your family will fall in love with!

While our garden offerings have grown from their humble beginnings to include tea gardens from around the world, our philosophy remains the same. We support only sustainable, eco-responsible, hand-picked premium organic teas that you can feel good about drinking. To those premium teas we add as many local foods, flowers and herbs as we can grow, find or harvest – bringing our teas as close to home as possible.

So, whether from our garden, your garden, or a tea garden abroad, we invite you to join us as we seasonally pick, cook, sip and eat from the edible garden.

Thank you for joining us!
Have a happy, healthy, local season!
Joanne Frances-Wilkinson
Founder of Culinary Blossom



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