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The Best Earl Grey


Ingredients: Premium Ceylon, blue cornflowers, bergamot and organic natural oils

Tasting Notes: Incredible, delicious citrus bergamot infusion

Quantity: 50 grams

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Best Earl Grey Tea

An exquisite Earl Grey with fabulous taste and incredible aroma. Simply put, we think it’s the best! Lovely on its own or add dairy/dairy sub and sweeten to taste. Makes the best London Fog! (Earl Grey Latte)

Quantity: 50 grams

Ingredients: Premium Ceylon, blue cornflowers, bergamot and organic natural oils

Tasting Notes:Incredible, delicious citrus bergamot infusion

Antioxidant Level:  High

Caffeine Level: Medium

Culinary Uses: Baking, cookies, cakes, scones, desserts, infuse cream or puddings, sweet recipes, drinks, cocktails

Culinary Tip: Earl Grey can be used either as a steeped liquid or in dry leaf form in countless recipes. Uses are endless.










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