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If you love the fragrance and essence of roses this beautiful summer sipper is the cordial for you! Made with our Sweet Rose Syrup, pure water and ice, this refreshing drink is sure to be a show stopper at any shower, wedding, or outdoor event. Add spirits, sparkling water, or bubbly to this versatile syrup for a fabulous patio sipper. Read on for the easy  recipe, options and tips…


Sweet Rose Petal Cordial

• 2 – 3 tablespoons of Sweet Rose Syrup (or to taste)
• 3/4 cup (177 ml) of pure cold water or sparkling water
• Fresh organic rose petals or edible flowers of choice
• Ice
• OPTIONAL: Fresh lemon slice or citrus of choice

• Fill a tall glass to half with ice
• Add pure cold water or sparkling water
• Drizzle in the Sweet Rose Syrup and gently stir
• Add a squeeze or slice of lemon if desired
• Add fresh organic rose petals or edible flowers of choice
• Enjoy!

OPTIONAL: Add white spirits of choice to create a fabulous alcoholic cordial

Makes 1 cordial. Easily multiply amounts for additional servings

• Create delicious drinks by using sweet syrup as the sweetener in cocktails or mocktails
• Freeze cordial to make ice cubes. Add edible flowers to the cubes before freezing for extra flair. Use in any beverage or drink instead of plain ice cubes


• Stir into plain yogurt and create a dipping sauce for fresh fruit. Lovely served with a fruit
and cheese grazing board
• Drizzle on fresh fruit that is slightly tart
• Add a teaspoon to sweeten hot or iced tea
• Add 1 teaspoon of syrup to glass of wine and top with sparkling water or soda
• Drizzle over ice cream, gelato, crepes, waffles or pancakes
• Drizzle over a mound of shaved ice to make snow-cones
• Use as the sweetener in vinaigrettes, sweet or savoury recipes

NOTE: While roses are generally considered safe to consume, as with all herbs, leaves, roots and flowers, allergies and side effects are possible. Know your allergens or check with your health care provider before consuming them.