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Make an amazing cup of tea with Butterfly Blue Pea Flower! This rare, naturally indigo flower is not only versatile in a cup but a valuable ingredient in the medicine cabinet and culinary kitchen. From a delicious latte to a shocking blue pasta to a purple lemonade or iced lolly, this herbal flower boasts a host of natural healing properties. Look at what this incredible flower has to offer!

Butterfly Blue Pea Flower Tea

• 8-12 Butterfly Blue Pea Flowers
• 1 ¼ cups pure or filtered water

• A squeeze of fresh lemon juice will add flavour and the addition of acid will turn the tea from blue to purple.
• A cinnamon stick will add lovely warm spice to the tea
• A drizzle of honey will balance the tartness of lemon juice if using
• A few rose petals adds a lovely floral note to the tea

• Place flowers in a mug or teapot fitted with a diffuser (include rose petals if using)
• Bring water to a full rolling boil
• Pour water over flowers, cover, and steep 5-6 minutes (longer for maximum health benefits)
• Strain the tea and add any desired additions

Pour into a glass cup or mug so you can enjoy the beautiful colour as you sip!

• 8-12 Butterfly Blue Pea Flowers
• 1 ¼ cups of milk of choice
• Optional Hot Blue Chai: A good pinch each of ground cinnamon and ginger,
and a small pinch each of cardamom and black pepper

• Put milk and spices if using in a small saucepot on the stove
and bring just to a simmer (don’t let the milk boil)
• Add Butterfly Blue Pea Flowers
• Remove from heat, cover, and steep 5-6 minutes
• Strain into a glass cup or mug so you can enjoy the beautiful colour as you sip!
• Sprinkle with ground spices or butterfly blue matcha powder

• Pour into a glass cup or mug so you can enjoy the beautiful colour as you sip!
• Tip: Chill and pour over ice for a delicious chilled blue latte

• Use a spice grinder to grind dried flowers into a fine powder.
Sift through a fine strainer and use the blue power as you would matcha
• Do not add lemon juice to chai when making with milk.
The acid in lemon juice will cause milk to curdle.
• Make a double-strength infusion and use as a natural blue food colouring.
Examples: Blue cookies or cakes, blue icing, blue pasta, blue puddings or sauces

Health Benefits: Butterfly blue pea flower is said to boost brain health, lower blood pressure, relieve pain and inflammation, improve hair texture and skin conditions, and fight against cancer. It is also used as a natural antidepressant.

Possible side effects: Not suggested for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Overconsumption may cause diarrhea and toxicity.

Disclaimer: Benefit information is for interest purposes only and not meant to treat, cure, or prevent any illness or disease. As with all flower or herbal teas consult your doctor before using them for medicinal purposes.