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What do you do with leftover tea leaves – toss them? Try these clever tips and beauty secrets using leftover leaves instead! Tea is made from the Camellia Sinensis plant which is highly acidic, nutrient-packed and loaded with antioxidants. Even once tea leaves have been steeped they still contain several benefits, are highly absorbent and attract odors. Tea leaves can be reused in every room in the house, as well as added to plants indoors or outdoors.

Clever Tips & Beauty Secrets using Leftover Tea Leaves

Additions: January 2022

• Put wet tea leaves in compostable tea bags add any other herbs and flowers if desired, and toss into a foot bath for a soothing soak
* Put wet tea leaves in compostable tea bags, chill and apply over eyes to reduce puffiness and the appearance of dark circles
• Enjoy a bath soak with leftover tea leaves. Toss leaves into a freezer bag and before you know it you’ll have enough saved for a lovely tea soak. Tea-infused water helps your muscles relax and softens skin. Add leaves to a reusable cotton tea bag and toss into the tub. For additional fragrance, add other herbal teas or flowers (rose and lavender are fabulous!)
• Tea helps reduce the size of large pores and acne. Make a second pot of tea with the leftover leaves (add a few fresh or dried rose petals if you like.) Chill and store in the fridge for up to a week. Use chilled tea as a refreshing face tonic
• Or, add mint leaves to the second pot of tea. Steep, strain and use the solution as a mouthwash
• Add wet leaves to the base of outdoor acid-loving plants
• Re-infuse tea leaves, chill and use to water indoor acid-loving plants
• Make a second pot of tea with the leaves, cool and put in a spray bottle. Use to clean mirrors and windows
• There is still lots of flavour left in used tea leaves. Pop them into a compostable tea bag and toss the bag into your next pot of steamed rice, pasta or grains

• Store wet tea leaves in a container in the fridge until you have enough to dry. Spread wet tea leaves on a baking sheet and put them in the oven on the lowest setting until dry. Once dried, store them in a jar or container.
• Sprinkle dried tea leaves into the kitty litter box to keep it fresh and clean longer. Tea is a natural deodorizer
• Put some leaves in a bowl and store them in the back of the fridge to absorb orders
• Add dried leaves to a compostable tea bag and toss into ‘smelly’ shoes to freshen them up. Add a pinch of dried lavender or rose to enhance the floral aroma
• Use dried leaves as a fire starter
• Dried tea leaves can be combined with wet tea leaves and used in the BBQ for smoking foods
• Last but not least, compost them!