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Did you love ice cream floats as a kid? Then try our recipe for Fruit-Tea-Floats for big kids! Choose your favorite fruit tea, simply brew n’ chill, add a big scoop of your favorite ice cream and top with seltzer.Easy recipe follows…Happy Sipping!

fruit-tea-floatFruit Teas Float Recipe

* In a mug add 1 Tbls. of your favourite Fruit Tea
* Pour in 1 cup of pure boiled water and steep for 10 minutes
* Strain and chill
* Half fill a large jar or tall glass with chilled tea
* Optional: For Float-Tea-Cocktails add a shot of spirits or liqueur
* Add 1 – 2 scoops of vanilla or your favorite ice cream
* Top up with seltzer or soda
* Add fresh or frozen berries or fruit of choice
* Slide in a couple straws, a long-handled spoon and dig in!

Makes 1 servings. Easily increase ingredients to as many servings as needed.

* For more tips and ideas go to Fruit Teas