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Try this soothing Pink Rose Milk Latte and get your February off to a heart healthy start. Use fresh or dried organic rose petals and warm spices to create this latte. Lovely sipped while soaking in a bubble bath, snuggled in bed or whenever you simply need to unwind and toss away the cares of the day!

Pink Rose Milk Latte

* 1 cup milk of choice (my fav is almond, pairs well with roses)
* 1 heaped tablespoon of organic fragrant dried rose petals (for *fresh see notes in tips below)
* 2 or 3 organic dried hibiscus petals or a pinch of ground (gives beautiful color plus vitamin C)
* Pinch EACH of ground cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg
* 1 tsp. honey or sweetener of choice
* ¼ tsp. ashwagandha powder (optional) – an adaptogen which is a natural herbal de-stressor

*Bring milk to simmer in a small saucepan
* Reduce heat to low, add all ingredients (except honey if using) and let steep for 5-10 minutes
* Strain into mug and stir in honey
* Froth if desired
* Dust with rose petal
* Relax and enjoy!

Makes 1 serving

*Recipe can be easily doubled
* If using fresh organic rose petals double the amount to 2 heaping tablespoons
* If dried rose petals have lost their fragrance (which they will as they get older) add ONE drop of rose water to the saucepan. Rosewater is very strong so use an eyedropper if you have one, to insure a 1 drop measure. You can always add more rose water but you can’t take it out.