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A delightful low calorie treat that brings together the highlights of a June garden in this refreshingly delicious rose petal and strawberry sorbet. Served in a pretty bowl it’s the perfect ending to any summer meal. Or place a scoop along side a thick slice of buttery pound cake topped with fresh strawberries for a simply luscious dessert!

Rose Petal Strawberry Sorbet Recipe

* 3 cups of fresh rose petals or 1 cup of dried rose petals
* 1 cup pure water, freshly boiled
* 3 cups fresh or frozen strawberries, washed and hulled
* 3 to 4 tablespoons of honey (sweeten to taste)
* 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
* 1 tablespoon vodka (prevents sorbet from freezing too hard)

*Put rose petals in a heatproof container. Pour boiled water over petals, making sure they are submerged
*Cover and let steep 30 minutes
*Strain out the liquid pressing on solids to extract all the liquid and set aside to cool (compost the rose mash)
*Once cooled, add the rose infusion and all other ingredients into a blender.
*Blend until very smooth. Pour into a shallow tray or loaf pan and freeze.
*Once frozen use a fork to break sorbet apart and blend once more. This adds more air into the sorbet making it creamier and smoother.
*Scoop back into the tray or loaf pan and freeze again until desired consistency.
*To serve: Scoop into dessert bowls and garnish with rose petals if desired.

Makes approx. 2 cups of sorbet

*Use fresh or frozen raspberries in place of strawberries. Raspberries are a lovely pairing with roses. A bit tarter than strawberries, you can simply increase the amount of honey used and sweeten to your taste.

NOTE: As with all herbs, leaves, roots and flowers, allergies and side effects are possible. Know your allergens and always check with your health care provider before consuming flowers for medicinal purposes.