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‘Tis the season’ to get cozy…tea-la-la-la-la, tea-la-la-la! And there’s no better way to keep Santa warm and cozy this Christmas than with his favourite Peppermint Chai – brew him a steamy hot cup and you’ll keep him holly n’ jolly all season long!

Santa’s Peppermint Chai

Makes 1 serving – recipe easily doubles

* 1 tablespoon of Santa’s Peppermint Chai
* 10 oz (300 mls) milk of choice
* 1 candy cane stir stick
* Optional sweetener: For the sweet tooth Santa add a drizzle of honey OR for the naughty Santa a drizzle of chocolate or peppermint liqueur
* Optional: If you have a large chimney opening, add marshmallows and a dollop of whipped cream
* Optional – If you have an extra-large chimney opening, top the toppings with shavings of dark chocolate

* Add milk to a small saucepan and bring just to the simmer over medium heat
* Turn off heat and stir in Santa’s Peppermint Chai
* Cover saucepan and steep 4-5 minutes
* Strain into a mug and stir in sweetener or liqueur
* Add toppings of choice
* Leave on fireplace hearth with a plate of Santa’s favourite cookies
* Merry Christmas!

* Brulee marshmallows for a delicious toasty topping!