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If you grow hosta you’re in for a tasty spring treat! Did you know they’re edible? The young shoots have a delicious flavour similar to asparagus. Try this simple but delicious dish and you’ll wonder why you never tried them before. Pick shoots from the perimeter of the plant and once the leaves unfurl, you’ll never notice the missing few.

sauteed-hosta-recipeSauteed Spring Hosta Shoots Recipe

*Pick as many hosta shoots as you need, the smaller the tastier. Depending on the size, allow 3 – 5 per person.
*Butter or oil of choice
* Sea or kosher salt & freshly cracked pepper

*Wash shoots under cool water and pat dry
*Sauté over medium heat in butter or your choice of oil just until tender crisp (the same as you would asparagus)
*Season with salt and pepper and serve with a fresh lemon wedge. Enjoy!

Depending on the size of the shoots, serve as many per personas you would asparagus.

Sauté shoots in olive oil over medium heat for a 1 minute. Remove to a plate and let cool until you can handle them. Season with fresh cracked pepper and a pinch of salt. Wrap shoots in thin slices of prosciutto, drizzle with olive oil, and roast at 375 for 5 -8 minutes. Makes a delicious appetizer or addition to a charcuterie platter or salad.

NOTE: As with all herbs, leaves, roots and flowers, allergies and side effects are possible. Know your allergens and always check with your health care provider before consuming for medicinal purposes.