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Looking for a fun stay at home’ project? Dress up any cupcake or dessert with your own sugared edible flowers. Fun to make, beautiful to behold and so delicious to eat! And sugared flowers make a lovely, handmade gift all on their own. Simply place each flower in a paper candy cup and package in a pretty box for gift-giving!


Sugared Edible Flowers Recipe

*Your favorite cupcakes, homemade or store-bought
*1 large egg white or meringue power equivalent
*2 teaspoons water or vodka
*2-3 drops of pure vanilla (optional)
*Superfine sugar
*Small painters brush
*Gently washed and dried violas, small pansies or seasonal edible flowers (pesticide-free)

*Lightly whisk egg white or meringue powder with water or vodka (and vanilla if using) in a small bowl.
*Paint a thin coat of egg wash over one flower at a time and sprinkle with superfine sugar until coated.
*Set on a parchment-lined drying rack or baking sheet.
*Let sit uncovered overnight at room temperature to dry.
*You’ve now created beautiful, delicious edible flowers.
*Store extras in a covered container at room temperature.

*Don’t have superfine sugar? Whiz regular sugar in a food processor until fine.
*Use to adorn cakes, cookies or your favorite desserts.
* Decorated cupcakes are delightful served with your favorite cup of tea.
*Set on a white plate and serve as a confection.