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Do you have a cupboard filled with odds and ends of your favourite loose-leaf teas? Then you have all the ingredients you’ll need to make the Best Mix n’ Match iced tea! Enjoy a refreshing glass of your own signature blend iced tea while stretching a dollar at the same time. It’s always different and always delicious!



Best Mix n’ Match Iced Tea

RECIPE MAKES 1 JUG OF ICED TEA ( 6 glasses of iced tea)

• 12 heaped teaspoons of any loose-leaf fruit tea – mix and match teas for the best results. (You can add up to 4 heaped teaspoons of herbal, black or green teas as part of the 12-teaspoon mix.)
• 6 cups pure water, freshly boiled
• Optional: honey or sweetener of choice

EASY 1-2-3

1. Put tea in a heat-proof container (I like to use a large glass Pyrex measuring cup)
2. Pour boiled water over the tea and cover with a lid or plate. Steep 15 minutes
3. Strain and add to a jug or pouring container. Sweeten if desired with honey, sugar or simple syrup

TO SERVE:  (Or store in the fridge for up to 3 days)
• Fill a glass with ice and pour over the chilled tea
• Garnish with a slice of lemon, orange or lime and a sprig of mint, basil or rosemary
• Enjoy a refreshing glass of your own signature Best Iced Tea!