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There’s no ‘real’ recipe for freezing flowers in ice cubes – however, there are a few tips that will give you beautiful ‘crystal clear’ results. Whether you’re hosting a bridal shower, having an iced tea party or serving cocktails at a holiday gathering, bring your imagination to the party to create different seasonal themes. Herb leaves, especially peppermint, bring a lovely green colour and fresh minty flavour to the ice cubes. The bonus? Flower Ice Cubes can be made in advance while flowers are blooming and stored in freezer bags or plastic containers until you need them.

edible-flower-ice-cubesEdible Flower Ice Cubes


* Make sure you are using only flowers and herbs that are edible, free of pesticides, and organic if possible. Or find our fresh Organic Edible Flowers here

* Pick in the early morning or later evening when flowers and herbs have the most fragrance and moisture content

* Rinse gently to remove any unwanted soil or insects

* For clear ice cubes, boil pure water first, cool and then use to make ice cubes

* For a crackled ice look instead of clear, use sparkling water or sodas

• To create floating blossoms in ice cubes, freeze in layers. Begin by filling ice cubes trays one-third full. Freeze and then lay in petals, leaves or whole buds. Cover with a few drops of water to hold flowers in place. Freeze again. Then top with water and freeze one last time. Voila – beautiful floating flowers!

* Pop in a fresh or frozen berry with the flowers to create extra flavour and impact. Blueberries, raspberries, a slice of strawberry or a whole cranberry make lovely additions

* When fresh edible flowers are not available use dried flowers instead. Fresh herbs can be purchased year-round so add in a few leaves to give ice cubes a fresh look

NOTE: As with all herbs, leaves, roots and flowers, allergies and side effects are possible. Know your allergens and always check with your health care provider before consuming flowers for medicinal purposes.