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Happy New Year! Colourful, festive, and oh so good for you, this HibiscusLime Mocktail doubles as a cocktail with the addition of sparkling spirits. High in vitamin C and laced with bright citrusy notes it’s a healthy, delicious way to ‘sip’ in the New Year!


Hibiscus Lime Mocktail

Makes 4 Glasses, Easily half or double the recipe.

🌺1 tablespoon of Organic Dried Hibiscus
🌺 3 cups of pure water
🌺 Juice of 2 limes (extra wedges for garnish)
🌺 Sparkling water or club soda
🌺 Hibiscus Simple Syrup or simple syrup of choice
🌺 Ice
• For delicious herbaceous notes add a sprig of rosemary or mint while steeping the hibiscus
• For a cocktail sipper top with sparkling spirits of choice

• Add hibiscus to a 4-cup tea pot and pour over freshly boiled water
• Steep 10-15 minutes, strain and set aside to cool
• Make hibiscus simple syrup (or simple syrup of choice – ½ water to ½ sweetener brought to a boil to dissolve, then cooled)

1. Rim each glass in lime juice and dip in salt or sugar
2. Fill 4 medium glasses with ice. Then fill each halfway with steeped hibiscus tea
3. Add 1 tablespoon of lime juice and 1 – 2 teaspoons of simple syrup to each glass. Top with sparkling water, club soda or sparkling spirits of choice. Add a lime wedge and enjoy!