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Make these delicious, quick and easy open-face sandwiches with whatever soft cheeses, summer veggies and edible flowers are in season. Assemble them in minutes to enjoy a quick, tasty lunch or make several for a party or crowd. By mixing and matching veggies and flowers you can create a beautiful assortment of sandwiches or appetizers that looks far more impressive than the time it takes to make them. Substitute the bread with small crostini or crackers for tasty, mini one-bite appetizers.

Simply Delicious Open-Face Sandwiches

• Small rounds of white or whole wheat bread, or crostini for appetizer bites
• Room temperature soft goat or cows cheese (blended with a touch of milk or cream)
• Cocktail or cherry tomatoes, halved or quartered
• Slices of avocado or cucumber
• Torn lettuce or arugula
• Edible flowers of choice: nasturtiums, pansies, calendula or rose petals
• Savoury options: Flowering herbs – basil, thyme, oregano, chive blossom
• A sprinkling of Himalayan pink salt and a dusting of black or white pepper
• Optional but recommended: Chopped chives, basil or mint to mix into the cheese

1. Gather your flowers, herbs and ingredients
2. Blend room-temperature cheese with a dash of milk or cream and mix until smooth and fluffy
3. Season cheese with salt and pepper if desired and fold in chopped herbs if using
4. Spread cheese on bread or crostini
4. Top with any or all of your ingredients and flowers of choice – be creative!

• Bring cheese to room temperature before using – it’s easier to blend and spread
• Chèvre cheese, cream cheese or any soft cheese can be mixed together for additional flavour
• Substitute crostini with crackers or mini biscuits to make delicious one-bite appetizers. They look and taste fabulous offered on an appetizer platter or charcuterie board lined with a few fig leaves.