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Is there anything more glorious than beautiful, fragrant blossoms in the springtime? But did you know that most fruit and berry blossoms are edible and can be steeped into lovely teas? Some favourites are cherry, apple, peach, plum and pear. The flavour of these blossoms is often a subtle, milder version of the fruit itself, which ranges from sweet, fruit rose flavours, to honey and nectar. Steep blossoms on their own or add them to white or green teas for a delightful sip of spring!

The key to picking and consuming edible blossoms is moderation (some like apple, can cause a bit of tummy upset if you consume too many) and know what you’re picking. Only pick what you’re sure of and do it selectively. I like to gently pull 1 or 2 blossoms from each cluster of blossoms rather than pick the entire cluster. That way you are thinning the blossoms rather than removing the entire cluster, as the blossoms you pick can’t mature into juicy fruit later in the season!

*A reminder to know your allergens and interactions with medications before consuming any flowers or herbs


Fresh Spring Blossom Tea


• 1 cup of picked and sorted spring blossoms
(remove green calyx, wash blossoms, shake off excess water and lightly pack)

• 4 cups boiled pure water
• OPTIONAL: 2 teaspoons of White Tea or Green Tea
• Other Options if desired:
–  Sweeten to taste with honey
– Add a squeeze of fresh lemon or orange

• Put blossoms in a 3-4 cup teapot. Add white or green tea if using

• Boil water and cool water slightly if using tea, do not cool if using only blossoms.
• Pour in the freshly boiled water and close lid to keep warm.
• Steep for 3 minutes if using tea, 5 minutes if steeping only blossoms

• Strain and pour into cups.
• If desired, sweeten to taste and/or add a squeeze of fresh lemon or orange to the cup. Sit back, relax, sip and enjoy the beauty of spring!

• Amounts can be halved to make 1-2 cups

• Enhance the flavour of blossom teas by adding a few rose petals to the steep.
• Blossoms can be dried and stored for use throughout the year