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A frightfully delicious spiced brew to warm up even the chilliest Halloween night! Sweeten with pure maple syrup or add a shot of your favourite sweet spirits and a dusting of cayenne to warm up your innards!

Sweet n’ Spicy Halloween Brew

IN: 🍵 a cauldron over the fire (or a sauce pot on the stovetop )
BREW: 1 cup of Chai using milk of choice (I like our Spiced Vanilla Chai or Spiced Pumpkin Chai)
ADD: 1 – 2 teaspoons of maple syrup, brown sugar or honey
OR sub with a shot of your favourite sweet spirits👻 (Bailey’s, Irish Cream etc)
STIR: with a magic cinnamon stick
TOP: with a dollop of whipped cream and star anise
SPRINKLE: with dark n’ spooky chocolate shavings
DUST: with ground black pepper and cinnamon
SIP: on a chilly Halloween night to keep the 😈away!

Makes 1 large serving

* Recipe can be easily doubled  or tripled
• DUST with cayenne pepper instead of black pepper for brave souls!
* Delicious enjoyed hot or chilled