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Holidays wouldn’t be the holidays without a bit of festive cheer! Teas warm body and soul whether you add spirits or not, but an evening ’round the fire singing Christmas Carols calls for some warming additions! Whether you choose, cider, fruit, black, green or herbal teas, they all make delicious winter warmers. But teas with spices and herbs make the best holiday Tea-Tails. Choose teas with flavours you love, then add seasonal fruits, spices and a splash of spirits to create a one-of-a kind warming holiday Tea-Tail you’ll want to drink all winter long!


Festive Cheer – Warming Tea-Tails

Makes 3 Mug Size or 4 Cup Size Servings

• 5 heaped teaspoons of loose-leaf tea
Mulled Cranberry Spice
Mulled Apple Cider
Spiced Merlot Wine
Holiday Chocolate Orange Spice
• 4 ½ cups of pure water
• Maple syrup, brown sugar or honey (If using sweet liqueurs, omit)

• Mulled Cranberry Spice or Mulled Apple Cider pairs well with rum, brandy or bourbon
• Spiced Merlot Wine pairs well with Black Currant or Chambord (raspberry) liqueur
• Holiday Chocolate Orange Spice pairs well with brandy, or orange or chocolate liqueur

• Slices of orange, lemon, apple or pear
• Whole cranberries, blackberries or raspberries
• Slice of fresh ginger
• Sprig of rosemary, a cinnamon stir stick or whole star anise

• In a sauce pot over medium-high heat bring water to a full boil
• Remove from heat, add in your choice of tea and cover
• Steep 3-4 minutes for black teas, 5-6 minutes for fruit teas
• Strain tea back into sauce pot and heat to desired temperature (DO NOT BOIL)
• Add spirits or liqueurs of choice
• Sweeten if desired (if using sweet liqueurs, omit other sweeteners)
• Pour into glass mugs or cups
• Add garnishes of choice. Enjoy!

• Recipe can be doubled or tripled and served in a crockpot on the ‘keep warm’ setting. Float cranberries, oranges and apples on top and let guests help themselves